Seven Basic Steps
Ease Anxiety & Depression

You're in the right place to learn
how to build inner peace naturally.

Stress is optional (though it may not seem that way when we're depressed or anxious.)

Stress is also a very demanding teacher.

Stress ages us. Stress hormones shut down natural processes the body relies on to refresh itself and stay young. This means stress slows healing and makes many diseases worse.

Stress also sets the stage for anxiety and depression by burning out our "stress thermostat" - the hypothalamus and amygdala - the parts of the brain that monitor and control the levels of stress hormones released into the bloodstream.

Here you can learn about a wide range of natural tools anyone can use to control stress effectively and sometimes even cheaply. These tools are no substitute for good mental health therapy. They can't help us unlearn the bad habits we can get into if we're stressed too hard for too long. But they do help us get more out of therapy and make sure it's as easy as possible to put the insights therapists offer into action and keep them in action.

Stress makes us miserable and unpleasant. Isolation leads to lost opportunities, depression, bad family and work relationships. Stress makes it difficult to concentrate and learn.

What doesn't kill us doesn't make us stronger. Denying stress perpetuates it. Our productivity drops. Stress hormones slow the body's routine maintenance and make us old before our time.

We all know exercise is good for stress. There's also a number of other really good non-pharmaceutical ways to destress. You can find out about them in our StressCare Toolkit section.

Here's Your Options:

Buy the Book. Before Meds / After Meds: Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Anxiety and Depression explains how self-healing works, guides you through the process of constructing your own Self-Care Program, and introduces natural tools anyone can use to reset their "stress thermostat" and create a durable inner peace.

If your condition qualifies we can work with you one-on-one online or over the phone. We'll help you understand your challenges in a new light, give you new, safe tools you can work with yourself, and coach you as you put those self-care tools into action.

We offer a concierge-style housecall practice in the greater Los Angeles area. My work involves a lot of time-consuming education. I don't sell anything I recommend. I prefer that my patients not drive after their treatments; this enhances their effect. This level of service is not possible at a reasonable price in an office setting.

Psychotherapists licensed in California can complete CE hours by taking one or more of our online video courses. Learn about how therapists and clients are putting the tools of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to work to deepen and further the benefits of psychotherapy.

There's also tons of free information on this site. Most people find putting our ideas to work helps them start to get control over their stress. That sense of control itself further reduces the stress. We're here to help you with advice, mentoring and, if you're in Southern California, hands-on help.

Many people have been able to get a handle on their stress with natural techniques. Odds are you can, too.