Duane Law Bio

"I teach people to use what's in a good vitamin aisle or produce section to heal themselves.

I don't sell what I recommend."

Duane Law is the Self-Care Advisor. His company, Natural StressCare, helps clients create programs that support their mental and physical health using the tools of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

“Being healthy isn’t about being a saint,” he says. “It’s about becoming informed and taking action.”

Law is among the earliest westerners licensed as acupuncturists in the US. The only acupuncturist ever on staff at world-famous Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic, he has a special gift for making the body’s mysteries simple and clear. His years as a poet and performer helps him weave visual images that help anyone understand what goes wrong in the body and what we can all do about it.

“Imagine the body’s a billion billion tiny little soap bubbles. That's not far from the truth. Complex bubbles, ancient bubbles, very special bubbles, but bubbles. Now take a handful of sand and throw it into those bubbles. What happens? The bubbles start popping, right? That’s what chronic inflammation does to the body.”

In college Law did as many students do, living on the cheapest food he could find. That usually meant processed carbohydrates. Like many stressed people Law rapidly became addicted to sweets, pasta and breads. “I lost my ability to speak in anything but routine interactions. I was on the verge of suicide.”

The Dramatic Version: How I Became A Healer

My path to a healing career began over 35 years ago in the back of a Datsun station wagon. I’d driven deep into a northern California forest armed with a vacuum cleaner hose, duct tape, a cardboard box, a knife and a bottle of tequila.


Law found his way to an orthomolecular MD who took him off all carbs that easily convert to blood sugar. “At first it was miserable. But after a few weeks I was feeling better than I could ever remember. I realized—for the first time in my life—I wasn’t depressed!”

Intrigued by the dramatic change and curious about what else might be hidden in medicine, Law became one of the early westerners licensed as acupuncturists in the US.

But acupuncture didn’t seem to work the same way in the west it did in the east. Acupuncturists who went back and forth reported that patients here took many more treatments to achieve the same results. Yet over the years a few patients stood out to Law. The lucky few responded ten times faster than most others and maintained their results.

“I quizzed them,” Law says. “And I realized all these special patients had grown up on diets that hadn't come out of supermarkets.”

Law began insisting his clients add crucial micronutrients back into their diets. “The ones who did got much better much faster. And they didn't become regulars.”

Today Law’s company, Natural StressCare, teaches motivated businesses and individuals how to use these and other holistic health tools to calm anxiety, lift depression and increase cognitive ability. He uses Skype and email to reach his clients worldwide.

“It looks like supplying the right micronutrients restores crucial control systems, helping the body keep itself young, keeping the mind focused, the heart calm.”

Law doesn’t sell any of the supplements he recommends. “Trust is everything in this business,” he adds. “I remember why doctors’ offices aren’t also drugstores. But I do share where to get the best stuff and the best deals.”

Law’s blogsite, Self-Care Advisor, shares these same tools and more to address everyday health challenges.

Law also does corporate presentations, webinars and CE courses for The Holman Group, a large provider of EAP programs throughout the U.S.