Christensen 1985

Four Students Find Their Moods Lift When They Eliminate Sugar and Caffeine.

Four students were selected to be studied because they were flagged as likely to benefit from a dietary change by an instrument called the Basal Index of Metabolic Imbalance (BIMI.) The students were placed on a diet eliminating all caffeine and sugar; their changes in mood were recorded.

The students were deceived about the exact nature of the intervention in an attempt to blind them. All four students reported improvements in their mood and general well-being. When their normal diets were restored, the improvements quickly disappeared.

It's not clear just how successful the blinding was; one student in particular begged not to be given the high-sugar challenge again.

This is a fourteen page paper; you have two hours and 48 minutes to study it. There's a number of interesting references in the first part of the study, you may want to review the abstracts of these studies on PubMed. Watch the video to quickly review the main points.

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