Iwatani 1997

School Dropouts in Japan Show Dysregulation of Blood Sugar Along with Depression.

Education is everything in Japan. Something is seriously wrong when a child refuses to go to school ... and gets away with it.

Noritaka Iwatani took eighty-one japanese school dropouts and gave them a classic oral glucose tolerance test. He demonstrates a significant inability on the part of these students to keep their blood sugar levels from rising too high. Interestingly, insulin levels didn't vary significantly from the norm when the group's results were averaged together ... but individuals showed wide variances in insulin response to the sugar load. Statistically however these variances cancelled each other out.

All of the dropouts reported being depressed. Of course this could just as easily have been a result of their academic status as it could have been a function of their soaring blood sugar levels. And ... this distinction could be the same as that between chicken and egg.

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